Custom Printed Plastic Identity Cards

Custom Printed Plastic Cards

Arkwood Products can produce plastic ID cards for a wide variety of uses including gift cards, patient, student, employee, or organization memberships ID's. All plastic cards can include a barcode, magnetic stripe, contact or contactless encoding. Arkwood Products, Inc. offers plastic card production for you by having you send the card information over the internet, phone, or mail.

We also offer onsite card production, where our experienced staff, including our photographer and graphics designer, come to your business, school, or function, and photograph and produce high quality plastic identification cards. The card is made and finished within minutes, and comes in a variety of print and card colors. For more information on this service, please e-mail us at

If you are interested in purchasing a plastic card printing system, please check out our plastic card printing machines section for high-quality cards, or our plastic card embossing machines section for card embossers.

For more information about our plastic identification cards call us at 412-835-8730 or click here to contact us online