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Metal Tags

Arkwood Products produces custom metal identification tags that can be embossed, engraved or using the Metal Photo process. Any of our tags can be personalized for your needs and available in any quantity. We offer a wide range of tag sizes, shapes and types of metal.

                                                Identification tag on plant at Phipps Conservatory

Industry applications for metal tags include:

- Wire & Cable Tags

- Valve Identification

- Military ID Dog Tags

- Horticulture Identification

- Work In Progress Tags

- Serial Number Tags

- Steel Manufacturing & Processing.

- Automotive Manufacturers

- Label Manufacturers

- Steel Fabricators

- Steam Traps

- Powder Coating Process

- Household Appliances

- Metal Finish Plants

- Part Identification During Painting Process

- Luggage Tags

- Holiday Ornaments

- Event Mementos

- Medical Alert Tags


For more information about our metal tag identification services please call us at 412-835-8730 or click here to contact us online.