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Metal Plate Embossers

Arkwood Products offers a wide range of metal embossing machines that are capable of not only createing raised lettering and numbers, but can also include data matrix patterns that are ideally suited for traceability on equipment, manufactured parts and other items needing a unique identification tag. Embossing is the recommended method for marking information on a metal plate or tag that will be used in harsh environments.

Unlike other marking methods (engraving, printing etc.), information that is embossed on a metal tag will remain on the metal tag FOREVER – despite weather, corrosion, painting, sandblasting, and even physical damage to the embossed tag.

We provide solutions for long lasting, durable part making, tagging and identification needs for various industries.

Arkwood’s metal embossing machines are true workhorses – built for longevity, for use directly in the field, and for high output if needed.


Arkwood Products, Inc. offers a wide range of metal dog tag machines for various application needs.

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