The Maxima 621


Embossing MachineThe Maxima 621 is the "junior" of the embossing machines.

Nevertheless it is simple, fast and perfect for instant issuing of low volumes of plastic cards.

The Maxima 621 ia available in both infill and embossing versions. It accepts data from a PC like keyboard and the information can be viewed and edited on an 80 column LCD display. The Maxima 621 can also be interfaced with a standard PC and operated using the CIM proprietary software application.

The Maxima 621 is equiped with proven card processing moduals and designed for years of trouble free use.

The Maxima 621 is ideal for clubs, associations, discotheques, gyms, clinics and small business enterprises with a need to produce own membership or identification cards. The Maxima 621 is also suitable as a back-up unit for larger systems.

Embossing Machine Interior View

Equiped with the innovative SPA system from CIM the Maxima 621 allows the card to be inserted and removed through the same access point. Simple and easy for the operator.

The Maxima 621 is designed and continuously improved by CIM incorporating more than 40 years of industry experience.

Card Handling: 

Performance  Complete embossing card in 15 seconds.
Manual feed  Single Point Access System. Pre-embassed card feed feature.
Reject  Alarm notification.
Card dimensions  Card size ISO standard CR-80; CR-50; CR-70 thickness from 0.40 to 0.80 mm.
Processing  Drum capacity: 60 characters, embossing or infill.
Embossing area  12 line per 31 characters
Types  Standard Gothic, OCR 7B, punctuation.


Man-machine interface  PC like keyboard. 2x40 Liquid Crystal Display for editing. 2 soft touch operator keys for status handling. All system parameters are programmable via keyboard.
Communication Interface  Serial RS232 port.
Protocols  Async, Xon-Xoff series, CIM Xon-Xoff, SMS, Pound-Pound, MultiEmbosser, Chip. Built-in data analyser.

Memory and Data: 

Storable formats 
Data format  12 Fields with Name, Fixed data, Counters.
Software  Self diagnostic, selectable automatic repeat card. Resettable and non resettable counters. System status and diagnostic messages reported to display.


Lithium back-up battery. Key lock Security Feature
Password access control.
Available options  Infill device in front version (character OCR B1). Embossing or infill characters: Cyrillic, Korean, Katakana, Latin, Arabic, Polish, Greek, Turkish, and many others.
Physical Dimensions and weight (WxHxDxKg)  260 x 260 x 480 mm x 28 Kg.
Electrical Requirements  110V / 60 Hz - 220V / 50 Hz.
Power consumption  450 Watt.


For more information about the Maxima 621 Plastic Card Embossing Machine please call us at 412-835-8730 or click here to contact us online.