Plastic Card Embossing Machines emboss (punches and raises) text onto a plastic card for a durable identification mark.

Plastic Card Embossing Machines

Plastic card embossers are used by hospitals and nursing homes.  Patient information (name, address, room number, doctor information, etc.), is embossed on to a plastic card that follows the patient to their nursing unit.  When the nursing staff needs to add information to the patient's file, the information from the embossed card is copied to a sheet of paper using an Addressograph Imprinter.  This keeps patient information correct in their file and the nursing staff from constantly copying patient information.
Plastic Card Embossing Machine
Plastic Card Emossing Machine Maxima
Card Embossing System


ImprintersThe Addressograph 2000 Series has been engineered to be the best Addressograph imprinter available to date, manufactured to facilitate high-volume record keeping well into the next millenium.

2000 Series models can be adjusted to imprint on any type of form and accept every thickness and size patient data card. 2000 Series imprinters make impressions quietly in less than a second while their reliability surpasses that of any other imprinter.

The ink roller can be changed in minutes at the nurses' station with ease. Fewer parts and a reconfigured quick change feature make it a simple process. And now each 2000 Series unit includes such standard features as a hospital grade plug.

Customized To Meet Your Needs

The Addressograph 2000 Series offers unmatched flexibility for countless specialized patient card applications.


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