Metal Dog Tag Machines

Arkwood Products offers a wide range of metal embossing machines that are capable of not only createing raised lettering and numbers, but can also include data matrix patterns that are ideally suited for traceability on equipment, manufactured parts and other items needing a unique identification tag. Embossing is the recommended method for marking information on a metal plate or tag in harsh environments.

Unlike other marking methods (engraving, printing etc.), information that is embossed on a metal tag will remain on the metal tag FOREVER - despite weather, corrosion, painting, sandblasting, and even physical damage to the embossed tag.

We provide solutions for long lasting, durable part making, tagging and identification needs for various industries.

Arkwood's metal embossing machines are true workhorses - built for longevity, for use directly in the field, and for high output if needed.

We also offer cost-effective, durable solutions for automatic data collection and management, by way of an embossed 2D matrix code.  2D matrix barcodes can hold up to 64 characters and can be read by a hand-held 2D barcode reader.

Used By:                                                                                                                                            

- Lumber Industry
- Construction
- Liquid & Fluid Processing Plants
- Manufacturing


- Product ID                                                                                                                                           
- Plant Machinery Identification
- Equippment Maintenance Logging
- Work in Progress
- Facilities Maintenance Management

Metal Embossing Machine
Metal Embosser
Embossing Machine MDT-1000
Embosser Machine ME-500
Embossing Machine ME-1000
Metal Embossing Machine 1500ME
Matica 310 Dog Tag Machine
Matic 320 Dog Tag Machine
Matica C410 Dog Tag Machine

Round Embossed Metal tags
Round Embossed Metal Tag Machines:

Arkwood Products now offers the ability to emboss on ROUND TAGS with an optional round kit installed on the ME1500 and ME1000/2000 metal plate embossers.

Round Kit Features:
• Holds 180 tags based on .020"thickness
• Up to 250 tags embossed per hour (based on 45 characters)
• Fit up to 7 lines per tag
• Tag dimension range from 1.5"- 2.5" diameter


Metal Embossing Tags   Round Metal Embosser


2D Data Matrix Codes Embossers

These machines are the new, advanced solution for long life industrial marking applications that require automatic data collection and management by way of a 2D data matrix barcode, read with a handheld scanner. They are capable of producing 2 Dimensional Data Matrix codes along with embossed readable characters at a speed of up to 115 tags per hour. They produce embossed data matrix codes that can hold up to 64 characters in a variety of matrix sizes that will suit any metal tag application. Data matrix technology offers a more efficient bar coding format for long lasting metal plates. You will be able to convert alpha numeric data into embossed 2D matrix for ease of data retrieval and managment.

Metal Embossing Machine
Metal Embossing Data Matrix Machine 1500 2D
Metal Embossing Machine Vision Systems



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