Laser Engraved Tags & Plates

Laser Engraving is an intense beam of light that radiates energy by the amplification of high energy atoms. Can make precise marks and cuts. Good for printing bar codes and detailed images. Laser Engraving is a more precise form of laser marking in that it offers a more defined mark including file line reproduction like a q-code or bar code, even a detailed logo. Although the finished product looks like an ink was applied, laser engraving uses molecular alteration which provides not only a quality marking but is more durable that an ink marking.

Laser Engraved Tags


Laser Engraved TagLaser Engraved Plastic Tag




Arkwood Products offers laser engraving services for both a wide range of materials including plates and tags as well as styles and sizes to meet most applications. Laser engraving also allows a more flexible range of applications, note the air force dog tag and the laser engraved pipe above.

Materials that can be laser engraved
Coated metals
Stone and glass
Fine Art


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