Metal Dog Tag Machines

Arkwood Products, Inc. offers a wide range of metal dog tag machines for various application needs.

Dog Tag Machine
Dog Tag Machine
Metal Dog Tag Machine
Dog Tag Machine ME-500
Dog Tag ME-1000
Dog Tag Machine 1500ME
Matica 310 Dog Tag Machine
Matic 320 Dog Tag Machine
Matica C410 Dog Tag Machine


Military Dog Tag Machines

Arkwood Products is an authorized distributor and service technician of Military Dog Tag Machines. Dog tag machines are used by all branches of the United States Military.

Our line of dog tag machines range from manual, low volume to automatics high volume machines. We have GSA pricing available for all qualified purchasers.

Gift Shops and Pro Shops

Now making one of the most profitable and unique souvenir items is available to you.

The same embossers that the US Military uses to produce dog tags for our military personnel is also
being used to produce dog tags as souvenirs at some of Americas favorite amusement parks, skating rinks, ski resorts, museums, and attractions!
This cost-effective system will allow you to produce a visitors' personalized keepsake with
your attraction name, date...whatever information they choose!



Please contact us for more information on our metal dog tag machines.