Addressograph Imprinter Supplies

Ink Rollers

Arkwood Products carries a full line of ink rollers that are used in all makes and models of Addressograph imprinters.


Patient Data Cards

Patient CardsStress Cards- These cards are used to emboss information that is imprinted onto various paper forms.
Color Selection- Stress cards are available in hospital blue, green, red, tan, cranberry, orange, light blue, yellow, gray, black, silver, copper, pink and gold. Utility grade cards are available in hospital blue, green, red and cranberry.
Sizes- CR50 and CR80.
Thickness- .024 and .030.
Options- Hospital holes, Luggage Slots, Rolodex Notching available.



Wristbands Wristbands & Lanyards

Wristbands are available in plastic and tyvak.  They are waterproof, can be written on and can be used with all major brands of wristband printers.



Patient Card Holders or Room Jackets

Patient Card Holders Room JacketsArkwood Products can supply you with patient card holders - convenient plastic holders with the patient's room number embossed on a metal tab.  Patient card holders are white and come in two sizes - CR50 and CR80. Room jackets can be ordered with or without affixed metal room number tabs.



Card Racks

Card RackCard racks hold up to 35 resident data cards. A dual-position stand props racks at either a 35 or 55 degree angle. Racks may also be mounted on a wall. A unique dovetail feature allows two or more racks to be connected, creating a single unit with greater capacity. Designed to accommodate both CR50 and CR80 cards, our card racks are a practical way to keep patient data cards neatly and compactly organized.

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